Labour of love

Attaching the group’s logo to a ‘teddy rucksack’, destined for a child in hospital.

A year ago I wrote a blog about the beginnings of my lockdown sewing adventures with Dudley For The Love Of Scrubs. Ever since, my machine hasn’t had much downtime and the range of projects to try my hand at has widened. After the first rush to supply scrubs, the organisation – which has evolved into a constantly growing ‘forever group’ now named Crafting for Communities – started creating other homemade items for a variety of local settings, from hospitals and care homes to women’s refuges and families in need, or goods for sale to replenish the resources we all work with.

Week by week I’ve been able to add a succession of makes to the well-oiled machine that gets the goods to where they’re needed: facemasks, including the tricky ‘smile’ ones with a plastic window for use with the hard of hearing or dementia patients, overalls and tabards for early years staff, dignity capes for screening, soft toys and other Christmas and Easter gifts, bags galore – drawstring, totes and rucksacks – and a host of goodies such as book pillows, drain bags and eye masks that go into special kits gifted to cancer patients.Continue Reading

A Year in Books

It’s by no means unusual for me to spend much of my time around books. I always have one on the go for bedtime reading and the first cuppa of the day is normally accompanied by a chapter or two, propped against the pillows. Plus in normal times I can often be found helping toContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Mozart Requiem in Virtual Vienna with Run By Singers

What does it feel like to be singing again after eight months of silence? The flippant answer is that somebody seems to have replaced my vocal cords with strips of sandpaper. But at a deeper level the latest experience with choral holiday company Run By Singers has brought a satisfying reconnection, both with music andContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Scrubbing for Dudley

If only my old needlework teacher could see me now. We’re talking half a century ago, so it’s amazing how clearly I can recall standing by her desk doling out pins for her to secure the latest tedious project prior to stitching, in fear of handing her the pointy end. No, battleaxe meets boredom didContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Monopoli colours

It would be difficult to imagine a more colourful scene. Vibrant yellow canopies set against a cloudless blue sky shaded market stalls laden with the jewel hues of citrus, olives, exotic green cauliflowers, a dizzying choice of amber honey and a rainbow of garden plants. The basil, mozzarella and tomato stripes of a gigantic ItalianContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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