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Mozart Requiem in Virtual Vienna with Run By Singers

What does it feel like to be singing again after eight months of silence? The flippant answer is that somebody seems to have replaced my vocal cords with strips of sandpaper. But at a deeper level the latest experience with choral holiday company Run By Singers has brought a satisfying reconnection, both with music and people.

During the pandemic, while choirs haven’t been able to meet and sing together as usual, lots of online possibilities have sprung up, but in general I wasn’t drawn to the idea of warbling in isolation at my computer screen. When Run By Singers announced their Virtual Vienna package, though, it sounded more appealing as it came complete with a specially-commissioned backing choir of talented young professionals and accompanying organ for remote rehearsals and, eventually for the virtual performance, a baroque orchestra. I’d sung the work in question, Mozart’s Requiem, many times before, so the prospect sounded doable. Time to get that voice back in some sort of shape.Continue Reading

Blown away by excellent customer service

Volunteering.  It’s a contentious subject, as after all, if a job’s worth doing, surely it’s worth a payment.  From my own experience of our community-run library, there’s a whole raft of challenges thrown up by working within a team of volunteers.  And yet the very fact we’re doing it for love rather than money givesContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Mind the gap

“Hello?” The phone had made me jump, the ringtone cutting through the bubbling of the early morning kettle. My first anxious thought was a glitch in my mother’s plans – or worse still – health, as she was about to travel to join my sister’s family in the French Alps for Christmas. But it wasn’tContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Five ways to face the fear of public speaking

Something significant happened this morning. I gave a talk to a business networking group … and survived. Much more comfortable with the process of getting words down on paper or computer screen, voicing them aloud to a roomful of people doesn’t come naturally in the slightest. Scary stuff. But armed with a smart new banner,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Fit for purpose

Much as I like my subject matter to be about getting out and exploring, there’s no escaping the fact that a significant part of a writer’s life is by its very nature sedentary. Add to that the inevitability of middle age’s rampages around the middle of the body, and I decided it would be sensibleContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Balletic birdlife

I came downstairs to make breakfast this morning and half an hour later I’d only got as far as putting the kettle on. The birds had clearly had the same idea (about food, I mean, not the kettle) and the garden was a-flutter with activity. The birdfeeder is one of the best birthday presents I’veContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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