Charming exhibition from Linda Nevill at Wolverhampton’s Asylum Gallery

100_6626There’s something very liberating about spending time with other creatives, especially when their discipline is not your own: you don’t need to make potentially dangerous comparisons but simply enjoy their work and marvel at their skills.  And when it involves capturing the beauty of the garden it’s restful and restorative too.

A Charm of Goldfinches

I’ve just taken the opportunity to view printmaker Linda Nevill‘s Florilegium: my garden exhibition at the Asylum Gallery in Wolverhampton.  Tucked away up a side street in the Chapel Ash quarter, the single-garage-sized space is entirely white, letting the artwork tell its story in peace.  The open door stood ajar, allowing a soft breeze to filter through to the far corner, causing incessant fluttering of A Charm of Goldfinches – my imagination flew free and I was back with the birds I’d watched and listened to during last year’s #30DaysWild, although today’s depictions, delicately dressed in gold leaf, were tethered to their installation.

From Here to There
From Here to There

Most of Linda’s other pieces were floral, fashioned by a variety of techniques including acrylic painting, woodcut, monotype and collagraph.  This last sounded an especially complex printing process with several fiddly stages, as did the methods used in the delightful From Here to There, which used drypoint, carborundum and chine collé to exquisite effect.  Several of Linda’s pictures depicted the same scene but with startlingly different colourways, creating a great variety of moods.  My favourites were those that most conveyed that enigma that is the subtle lushness of nature.

100_6623It was enough to encourage me back to my gardening…


The exhibition is open by appointment over the next few days and more information on the artist can be found at Linda Nevill’s website

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