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The Perfect Apostrophe

  • Do you have misgivings about your spelling?
  • Are you in any doubt about your grammar?
  • Is sentence structure something you worry about (or about which you worry)?
  • Does punctuation make you exclaim?
  • Have you written an important article or academic paper which may benefit from some extra proofreading before submission?

Just as people with perfect pitch must find it painful to hear off-key music, at Way Beyond Words errors of spelling, grammar, syntax and semantics tend to jump off the page and cry out for the red pencil.  Nowadays suggested corrections are more likely to be carried out via the wonders of electronic ‘track changes’, giving the author of the original piece the opportunity to review them before accepting, and the process is quick and efficient.

The electronic age has of course given us spellcheckers and wiggly green grammar warning signs, but these aren’t infallible.  There’s nothing quite like a human being with a horror for the misplaced or redundant apostrophe to ensure that the content of your writing isn’t let down by inaccuracies of punctuation or other perennial pitfalls.  With years of working in higher education, academic proofreading is a speciality but any genre is welcome.  Recent proofreading assignments have included journal papers, undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations and PhD theses.

Way Beyond Words also offers the more in-depth discipline of editing.  Do you have a piece of writing that is too long or in which the sentences are too complex?  Could it benefit from splitting into shorter sentences and being structured differently?  Or maybe the choice of more succinct words would do the trick – it’s often possible to make one optimum word do the work of three or four that are just off the mark.  Without losing sight of your authorship, Way Beyond Words can help tighten your prose in order to help convey your message in a way that keeps readers reading.

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Katherine proofread my PhD thesis for me. It was a delight to work with Katherine. She was really quick to respond with her feedback and her work was extremely accurate and professionally carried out. Throughout the various feedback emails, Katherine was also really encouraging about my work which helped to keep me going through the final stages. I would definitely recommend her to any other PhD students as she works fast, accurately and professionally and is lovely with it.
Dr Jenni Jones, Senior Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton

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